Research on several chemical synthesis processes are in progress in our research lab. We plan to develop production capacity once it matures and by taking advantage of our experienced partners production capability. We will search out tolling partners to enable this growth.

We have several key production partners, who can produce agrochemical intermediates. And we are planning to establish long term cooperation relationships with new partners.

As a long term target, if our customer has intention to expand their capacity in China, we will have the capability to setup manufacturing together with local partners, suppliers and distributors.

Supplier Chain Management

Our target is to add value to the manufacturers and customers and to improve operational efficiency to the overall supply chain. We allocate resources onto production scheduling, logistic management, warehouse management and distribution process, taking into account real-time customer demand and operating constraints. We own a fast-respond logistic team to handle any complicated delivery issues, especially those which need special care, such as corrosive, highly reactive, hazardous, or air/moisture sensitive materials.

Regions: North America, Europe, India, Japan, Southeast Asia
Packages: Bags/Super-sacks, Drums/Pails, Totes, Iso tankers (standard and baffled)
Regional warehouses: North America, Europe, China and India

Marketing and Sales

Together with our own R&D strengths, production facility and strong supply chain of first class suppliers, we are prepared to find creative solutions to the most complex challenges faced by our customers in the current dynamic changing business environment.

We are ready to listen carefully to your problems, deliver original and imaginative ideas and add value to your initiatives or endeavors with all our resources.


A dedicated HSE team here are ready to support suppliers and our own production manufacturing to improve the HSE management performance and ensure supply security. Some of the expertise we currently offer include