Our Vision

AkiZen AG will be the preferred supplier of raw materials in selected markets, distinguished by:

Providing excellent service

Guaranteeing quality products

Responsibility through ownership

Innovative leadership by R&D support and market insight

Our Mission

AkiZen AG is committed to caring for all stakeholders and to providing excellent service to target customers in the manufacturing sectors:

We are experts in market intelligence, sourcing and supplying chemicals to customers.

We do it safely and efficiently to minimize the environmental footprint in the value chain.

It is our customers who enable our existence. We relentlessly pursue innovation to exceed their expectations in terms of quality, service, support and delivery, nourished by commitment and passion of our employees.

We will grow our business, leveraging the knowledge and capabilities of our employees to create value for customers, employees, stakeholders and the community.

We are a key part of our employees’ lives and valued by our community striving to treat these critical stakeholders with the utmost trust and respect while generating economic value in return for individual investment and community support.


Our Values

We choose to experience our core values by:

being honest, open, integer, confident and compassionate in all our dealings

growing our self-knowledge and awareness to build respectful relationships with one another, customers and suppliers.

We are entrepreneurial thinking and willing to improve and find ways to create competitive edge for our customers and suppliers.

We are focused, knowledgeable and hard-working, and we respect each other for that. We collaborate and focus on what is important for our customers and principals.

Our Locations

With strategic locations around the world, we are able to provide our customers what they need, when they need it.

  • China

    Shanghai Freemen Chemicals Co.,Ltd

    Suite 22G, Shanghai Industrial Investment Bldg,18 Caoxi Rd(N), Shanghai 200030 China

    Tel: +86-21-6427 9170

    Fax: +86-21-6427 9172

    E-mail: sfch@freemen.sh.cn

  • China(HK)

    Shanghai Freemen Chemicals(HK) Co.,Ltd
    Room 302,Kai Tak Commercial Builing,

    317 Des Voeuxroad Central Hong Kong,

     200021 China
    Tel: (+86) 086-64279170-125

    Fax: +86-21-6427 9172

    E-mail: sfch@freemen.sh.cn

  • China

    Wuhan Jiahui Technology Co. , Ltd.

    Floor 6, Building 2, No 79, Jiangxing Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan, China
    Tel: +86-21-6427 9170
    Fax: +86-21-6427 9172
    E-mail: sfch@freemen.sh.cn

  • USA

    Achiewell LCC
    401 Industrial Drive, Bldg A. North Wales, PA 19454 USA.
    Tel: 1-267-217-7046
    Fax: 1-267-217-7093
    E-mail: info@achiewell.com

  • Switzerland

    AkiZen AG

    Seeberstrasse 7 4132 Muttenz, Switzerland

    Tel: +41 62 262 28 21

    Fax: +41 62 262 28 22

    E-mail: info@akizen.com

  • India

    AkiZen LLP

    Room 601,Ashar Millennia,OPP-Orion Business Park,Kapurbawdi,Ghodbunder Road,Thane-40067,Maharashtra,India
    Tel: +91 9820 40 11 58