We started our activities as a sourcing partner for agro chemicals more than 20 years ago when China became a global player in producing chemicals. Over the last decades, the markets have developed but differently. China is learning fast to care about the environmental impact and to think in applications rather than products, Europe as a rather mature market has implemented REACH, India is further emerging. 

AkiZen has own subsidiaries and partners in all major regions, with our own supply chain & marketing professionals, application experts, HSE professionals, R&D strength in process development and own laboratories. We have gained sound market insights in selected markets and have become a preferred partner in marketing and process development of chemicals, intermediates and active ingredients for the technical, the agro and the pharma market. The local presence allows us to understand local market development, to nourish local customer contacts also at multinationals, to understand requirements stemming from regulations and to serve customers with an excellent service and to reduce associated business risks. AkiZen AG plays the key role in Europe and serves our partners locally with existing and new products and services. 



With strategic locations in Shanghai, Mumbai, Philadelphia and Basel, we aim to be one of the leading global chemical suppliers through creating added value.